Publication Guidelines

■ Publication Guidelines for Literature and Religion ■

1. [Publication Dates] Literature and Religion is published quarterly every year on Mar. 31, June 30, Sept. 30 and Dec. 31. 

2. [Order of Manuscripts] The journal publishes Korean manuscripts in the front part and foreign manuscripts in latter part.

3. [Manuscript Publication Form] Manuscripts should be published in the form below (refer to the example below).
1) Manuscripts should be written in English. In case of writing manuscripts in a foreign language, it is principle to write them in English. All manuscripts should follow the rules in MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers published by MLA. If manuscripts quote scriptures of each religion including the Bible, authors may follow the quotation style of each respective religious area. 
2) Authors should not use Chinese characters and English in the text. If necessary, they may include them in parentheses. The title should be written in Korean only. 
3) People's names or titles of books in Korean manuscripts should be written in Korean. When they appear for the first time, the original names or titles should be written in parentheses. All the quotes should be translated into Korean. In case of a book, the original quote should be written along with (a) page number(s) right below the translation. (In case of people's names or names of regions, authors should respect the pronunciation of the respective language. If it is hard to write such names in Korean, they should follow foreign language pronunciation guidelines established by the Ministry of Education).
4) When authors want to emphasize a word or sentence, they should
   a. Use single quotation marks (' ') or double quotation marks (" ") in the word or sentence in Korean manuscripts;
   b. Use single quotation marks (' ') or double quotation marks (" ") in the word or sentence in English manuscripts;
   c. If the original quote contains a word or phrase of stress, indicate it is the emphasis of the original quote in a parenthesis, i.e. (419, emphasis of the original quote).
5) Authors should not put in simple footnotes. If it is necessary information for progress of one's logic or to clarify the original source, one may put in a footnote.
6) In case of quoting three or less sentences, one should put big quotation marks (" ") and place them in the text.
7) For all rules unspecified in the above, one should follow the rules from the MLA Handbook. When quoting Korean books or articles, follow the rules below:
   a. in case of handling it as a quote
   Author. 「Title of the Article」. 『Title of the Book』. Editor (Translator). Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication. Page numbers.
   b. in case of handling it as a footnote
   Author, 「Title of the Article」. 『Title of the Book』. Editor (Translator) (Place of publication: Publisher, Year of publication), Page numbers.
8) Authors should write those books and articles only in Works Cited that they have quoted or mentioned in the text. All the reference books and articles in Korean should be written in both Korean and English in the order of the alphabet. In case of books and articles in Korean, authors should write the information in Korean above English. If a bibliography per book or article is longer than one line, authors should make an indentation of 5 spaces from the second line. 

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[___ . "Religious Significance in the Harry Potter Series: Death and Sublime Love." Literature and Religion 18.2 (2013): 113-44. Print.]
___. 「<아바타>를 통해 본 자연종교와 청교도 정신의 융합」. 『문학과 종교』 15.3 (2010): 41-65. [「아바타」 로 약기함]
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9) The length of Korean manuscript is about 100 pages, on 200 square writing paper and that of foreign manuscript is about 5,000 words.
10) All submitted manuscripts should include 10-15 lines of Korean and English abstracts.
11) All documents and abstracts in English should be edited by native English speakers before submission.
12) All submitted manuscripts should include 5 to 10 keywords below both Korean and English abstracts.
13) If there are two or more authors per manuscript, they should specify the first author, corresponding author and (a) co-author(s) and their affiliations at the same time. 
14) To alphabetize the author's name, the family name should be all capitalized and "-" should be placed between syllables of the given name (i.e. HONG Gil-Dong).
15) After putting in 10-15 lines of English abstract, authors should write their information. They should add 10 to 15 lines of Korean abstract towards the end of the manuscript.
16) Literature and Religion is an Open Access Journal that states the following phrase.     ⓒ한국문학과종교학회 (Copyright Reserved by The Korean Society for Literature and Religion)
The publication right and copyright of this text is reserved by The Korean Society for Literature and Religion. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or recording,
17) Literature and Religion follows the Research Ethics Guidelines for The Korean Society for Literature and Religion.  

[Progress of Publication Guidelines]
1. The Publication Guidelines is established and implemented as from Sept. 30, 1999.
2. First Revision of Publication Guidelines: Apr. 30, 2001.
3. Second Revision of Publication Guidelines: Feb. 14, 2006.
4. Third Revision of Publication Guidelines: Sept. 17, 2008.
5. Fourth Revision of Publication Guidelines: July 14, 2011.
6. Fifth Revision of Publication Guidelines: Sept. 28, 2013.
  (In 2013, the KSLR publishes the third journal of the year on Dec. 31.)7. Sixth Revision of Publication Guidelines: Aug. 21, 2014.
8. Seventh Revision of Publication Guidelines: Aug. 20, 2015